Tips on How to Chakra Stones



Chakra stones was used for the making your body feel so good when you have something that is not good in it. Chakra is a world that means is wheel. Chakra stone will release the energy wheel of your body. Usually chakra stones are being used in massage spa for relaxing and detoxifying the body from bad energy storing inside of it. Chakra stones are stones that are in different color that support or assist you to make your body energy align back if it is disabling. Now if you are a beginner to use this kind of stones, here are some essential tips on how to use chakra stones.


First thing first, you need to select the color of the stone that you want to use. Chakra stone has seven colors and depending to your body condition or needs, the color of the stone vary also. It will vary also if you want healing or just a balance energy of your body. There are chakra stone for throat, eyes, heart and many other more that you can use. Know your need first and choose the stone that is appropriate to your need. Do not choose stone that is not the right one for they will imbalance the energy in your body. Be sure to click for more details!


Next, if you are using chakra stone that is for cleansing then it must be cleanse with water. Each healing or balancing energy that you need with corresponding stone, you need do some preparation before using it. It is very important that you will know each kind of chakra stone also so that you will be able to do the right method of preparing it before, during and after using it. By that you will fully feel the usage of the chakra stone.


Then, after that focus the chakra stones to the place of your body where the root cause are. You can use two stone depending to your needs. Like in healing session, you can also use specific chakra stone to the challenges that you are facing right now. Make sure the stone will be put direct to the part of which you will have a problem. Be sure to view more here!


Last but not the least is that you need to lie down in order for you to put it better. Ask for assistance so that it will be put in the right area on which you want to be balance. Do not worry for anything but relax and focus your mind to the chakra stones. To know more about jewelry, visit this website at